Quirky Oak Artisan Jewelry

Hand crafted jewelry: bracelets, necklaces and more.



I’m never quite sure what to say on these ‘about me’ pages, so I’ll be brief and then add a couple of photos. Making jewelry is not my day job. It’s just my way of staying sane and happy.

Other things that have the same effect on me are: writing, my dog, nature and wildlife, interesting people, traveling, hanging out with friends or family, and photographing things.

In spite of trying to develop a cohesive style for my jewelry, the outcome tends to be scattered and varied as I draw inspiration from many different things in my environment.  So I guess scattered is my style.

Pushed for space, most of my work is done on a small table in the corner; and my flawless model Maxine works 24/7 to get things done.

Image: Maxine

Maxine, between shoots.

Image: Small Table

The small table in the corner. Did I mention I have a cat?


One thought on “About

  1. Love your blog! It’s wonderful and inspiring.

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