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Dripprz™: How I make my dripping pendants.


Speckled Orange Drippr Pendant

Dripprz are a new range of pendants I’m working on…stunning acrylic teardrop beads with wire wraps—all coated in a glassy finish that makes each bead look like it’s dripping.

But that’s not how they start out. Here’s a Drippr in its original state—a plain bead with no wire and no drip:

A Peacock Drippr in its original state.

First thing I do is add a gunmetal jump ring so the Drippr can be attached to a necklace once it’s finished.  Next, I add the wire wrap. This is bronze wire with a gunmetal finish.

 Dripprz wrapped in bronze wire, ready for their first dip.

Then the Dripprz get dunked in ice resin and hung out to dry in the sun. I place them on bright white polystyrene and put them in front of the white garage door where they will get as much UV light bounced onto them as possible. Each Drippr gets dipped ‘n dried 3 times. If anything is likely to go wrong, this is when it happens. About one out of every three or four dry badly and get tossed into the ever-growing reject box!

Dripprz Drying

Next, the colours get their names.  (Ack! You have no idea how many times I’ve changed these names.)

Dripprz Colours

Then, each Drippr is ready for its close-up:

A Peacock Drippr ready for photography.

Finally, the Drippr meets its match—a stunning chunky gunmetal chain:

Speckled Orange Drippr Pendant Necklace

Speckled Orange Drippr Necklace

Cheers, Caro
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