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How I made a sun protection vest for my dog without sewing a stitch.

When I realized the brutal Florida sun was giving my dog potentially cancerous moles on her back, I decided to make her a protective sun vest.

Problem is, although I’m pretty creative my skills don’t stretch to sewing.

Make a sun protection vest for your dog from a pair of old leggings.

My first attempt was made from an old t-shirt that I doctored, but it kept falling off. I needed something that went all the way around her—something tubular—but I wanted to achieve this without having to use those intimidating little tools: a needle and thread.

I also wanted the fabric to be dense enough to block the sun, yet not heavy enough to make her hot.

So I dug through my old clothes and came across a pair of legging-style shorts in a perfect cotton-spandex mix fabric. I imagined they could be surgically adapted to make an effective sun protection vest for my dog.

I was right. And this is how I did it…

Dog sun protection vest

Instructions for making a dog sun protection vest:

  1. Cut one leg off the leggings.
  2. Make the vest from the leg that has the crotch seam so the vest doesn’t fray, and keep the other leg to practice on.
  3. Estimate where your dog’s legs will poke through, and cut leg-sized slits.
  4. See the photo above to get the idea. The waistband sits at the tail end, and the pooch’s head pokes through what was once your leg hole. If the leggings are a bit too long, don’t cut the excess fabric off until you’ve tried the vest on your dog and determined where to trim them—you want the fabric to reach the collar.

This works best when your dog and your leg are the same size!

Cheers, Caro
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